SAT/ ACT Diagnosic

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test & Consultation

At-Home Test

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  Includes the diagnostic test, 9-page detailed score report, & 30 min consultation to review results and make a plan moving forward.

Student takes at-home online at their convenience!

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Why take the diagnostic?

  • Identifies whether you’re better suited for the  redesigned SAT or ACT
  • Gives you first-hand experience on both exams
  • Is the first step to successful prep
  • Pinpoints the topics and concepts that need attention
  • Help create a roadmap for excelling on the actual exam 
  • Provides a 9-page report outlining results
  • Saves student time taking both tests and waiting for results
  • Includes a 30-minute consultation to review results and make a plan moving forward.

 The Benefits of Focused Efforts
The life of a high school junior or senior is incredibly busy, and their amount of time is limited.

A student who prepares for both tests is using half of their energy and time preparing for an exam whose results admissions officers may not even consider.
We believe that spending your time preparing for the right test is critical.

Overview of the 3.5-Hour redesigned SAT/ACT Diagnostic Exam

The Redesigned SAT/ACT Diagnostic consists of eight sections – four sections of the SAT, plus four sections of the ACT, excluding the essay. Each section is between 20 and 48 minutes long and contains the number of questions and sections needed to simulate the pace required on each exam. The student will be tasked with completing 200 exercises in all.

Redesigned SAT Sections

  • Reading 33 questions, 42 minutes
  • English/Language/Grammar 33 questions, 26 minutes
  • Math w/calculator 24 questions. 32 minutes
  • Math w/out calculator 12 questions. 16 minutes

ACT Sections

  • English 45 questions, 27 minutes
  • Math  40 questions, 40 minutes
  • Reading 30 questions, 27 minutes
  • Science 29 questions, 26 minutes

Essays are not included on the redesigned SAT/ACT Diagnostic. There is rarely a significant difference in a student’s SAT essay score and their ACT essay score, and thus we have found it unnecessary to include an essay on the exam.

Please remember: The redesigned SAT/ACT Diagnostic was designed to help students determine whether they’re better at the ACT or the SAT. It was not designed to generate precise scores that predict how they will do on the actual redesigned SAT or ACT. The generated comparison scores reflect how a student did on the diagnostic the day that he or she took the diagnostic.

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